We are so excited to finally premiere our book and video to the Tufts University community! If you are available Friday night, we would absolutely love to see you at our Final Presentations. There will be seven student presentations in total and even some musical performances! It's going to be an inspiring and informative night! There will be an audience choice award at the end so show your support for Penguin's Big Problem. Just think, what would Penguin do? We hope to see you there! 

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It finally feels like spring is upon us! The weather is (slowly) getting warmer and the grass is finally a little bit greener. Over the weekend, many members of the Tufts community came together for Holi, a spring festival of colors observed by Hindus. Four out of the five of us authors ran into each other at this joyous celebration, covered in a myriad of lovely colors. We were all so happy to see each other in our colorful and vivid states. 

We were celebrating not just spring, but also the beauty of our Earth. We hope to capture similar feelings of beauty and happiness in our children's book. Speaking from my personal perspective, this book has certainly been one of the highlights of my semester and I feel so fortunate to be able to explore climate justice through the lens of children's literature and art.

Fittingly, today is also Earth Day. Happy Earth Day to you! We hope you continue to love the Earth and treat it with kindness and respect. Just think, what would Penguin do? 

Today, we presented the rough draft of our book to our Telling the Climate Justice Story. We got great feedback and constructive criticism from our classmates and teachers! It's been so fun to work on the book. Now, we just have to do finishing touches to the illustration and then we can send our book off to get published. We are beyond excited! Stay tuned for the video of the book and the hard copy! Wahoo!  
Today, we saw our artwork scanned onto the computer for the very first time! Our technology director, Mike is working hard on cleaning up the art and making it look as beautiful as possible. We are so excited to finally start to put text onto the pictures. Hopefully our debates over fonts won't be too lengthy!

The book is already looking so beautiful and we are so excited to show everyone our hard work! Special shout outs to our impossibly creative art director, Miles, the Lewis Crafts Center, and Ann.